Religious Intolerance… Man Hunted for Converting to Christianity

Emmanuel Kabbah Turay, a native of Bubuya village in Tonko Limba Chiefdom Northern Sierra Leone, is on the run owing to countless death threats by both Muslim and family members.

Born from a Muslim home, indoctrinated in the ideologies of Islam, with father as Imam, Emmanuel surprisingly converted to Christianity shortly after the arrival of a small group of Christian missionaries in his Bubuya village, who convincingly had told him that Christ is the personal savior of mankind.

Bubuya is located in the hinterland of Tonko Limba and is predominantly a Muslim community.

Emmanuel’s encounter with the group of Christian missionaries saw him converting from Muslim to certainly a full fledged Christian follower.

This, in the estimation of compatriots Muslim family members, was, no doubt, an insult and of course a big slap on the face of his father, who happens to be an Imam, and have been leading Muslims during prayers in one of the mosques in the community.

Our findings are that the small group of Christian missionaries have been preaching the Gospel of Christ to Emmanuel and youths of Bubuya, convincing them see reason abandoning their old Islamic practice for Christianity.

The father, we are told, unhappy with his son Emmanuel giving in to Christianity and turning a blind eye to Islam, was left without option but hire youths search for him (Emmanuel), and where found, dealt with, possibly killed, if need be.

That he (The father) and family members have been unforgiving and wanted Emmanuel dealt with anywhere found by the village youths.

They say he had supplied the youths with cutlasses as they search for his son Emmanuel and cohorts coverts.

Sources say that on countless occasions Emmanuel has escaped death attack through food poisoning by overzealous village Muslim fanatics.

That the father had sworn he will stop at nothing in eliminating Emmanuel, save to say spear him any freedom for disgracing him.

It is true there have been incidents of death threats against persons converting from Islam to Christianity over the years.

This, no doubt, has seen number of young men going on self exiles to countries unknown in fear of their lives.

The case of Emmanuel is one of such that has left many including the media and civil society now encouraging lawmakers try to prevent uncalled for religious intolerance from among fanatics.

findings are that Emmanuel has escaped to a destination unknown and may likely not ever return back to his home of origin for fear of his life.

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