Sounds smelling you know! Of course, SONKOH SONKOH seems baffled seeing the SUPREMO niches referendum in his recently announced 2018 election calendar though.

His concerns are that Sierra Leone will sooner than later conduct a multitier election in one day; so huge a task it is for them, but with the sad inclusion of a referendum election (September 2018), months preceding the three-for-one 7th March of 2018, speaks doubt oh!

And fellow Sierra Leoneans, do you know one of SUPREMO’s aids yesterday whispered to the SONKOH SONKOH his boss’s reason for the inclusion of a referendum in the election calendar, making things clear to him (SONKOH SONKOH) that it is meant for a skilful manipulation of the coming presidential elections, or to possibly make him (SUPREMO) able to use laws as in the new/reviewed constitution to his advantage.

Nar word boss nar doe so oh! Thank God it is SUPREMO’s aid that said it, not the SONKOH SONKOH at all.
They say SUPREMO still has not satisfied and therefore wanted some ‘More Time’ added to his soon to expire term of office.

That because he is of the fear the bosses- America, UK, Others- who earlier have warned they wouldn’t guaranty him security after February 2018 if elections aren’t hold, he (SUPREMO) was forced to announce elections date but smartly trying to influence the process to his favour. We wan for see dae oh!

SUPREMO’s new found tact anyhow- his inclusion of a referendum in the election calendar- is to make him uses sections in what may have been accepted as a new constitution to influence the conduct of especially the coming presidential and parliamentary elections, or how he can make his ‘More Time’ dream come true.

Nar lie you lie bra! Not here at all!

Is it also true that Chairman MUMU, I mean NEC’s Nfaaa lie Kote was recently spotted begging SUPREMO not sack him for letters leaked to the media- letters written the SUPREMO which found it way on the worldwide social media, where incidentally it uncovered that the holdup preceding the announcement of elections was caused not by NEC but the SUPREMO himself?

Nar ask SONKOH SONKOH ask oh, e nor say nar so e be oh!

Ah, ah, ah! They say SUPREMO is now world’s most confused man though.

That he has still not put strategies in place as to who succeed him in 2018.

Hmmmm e nor get for easy for am oh!

No wonder brother Alpha Khan Khan has been so so quiet these days, doing things in secret and not want the SUPREMO know his plan though. Oh ORWAI ORSAI….

SONKOH SONKOH has been told Alpha plans fighting back though, and has pitched fence with fewer coward flagbearer aspirants as they together bout SUPREMO if he dear manipulates their party’s leadership race.

Thank God SONKOH SONKOH isn’t a politician, of course, will never-ever- be.

His best bet is to seat at a quiet corner, watching greedy and selfish politicians kill themselves for power you know.

A Scary Tonkolili Election Oh!

Can’t believe it that party TORKPOI could make a surprise in-road in the recently held bye-election in strongholds of party OSAI ORWAI.

When eventually SONKOH SONKOH heard the announcement that party TORKPOI got some four thousand over seven thousand votes in no less a place but Tonkolili, where years ago, it could hardly get a thousand over twenty or so thousand, he (SONKOH SONKOH) almost laugh his gut out, then soliloquized: “hmmmm… e look lek say all man don tire with SUPREMO’s OSAI ORWAI party oh, whose steering controllers- SUPREMO himself, his Ministers, others- have been stealing public’s money, secure themselves multimillion dollar houses, cars, and of course have millions of dollars kept at offshore accounts just like that.

Like SONKOH SONKOH was told, it was as though the ORSAI ORWAI Tonkolileans seem not happy with gluttonous DO BAMBALI politicians and have sworn an oath kicking SUPREMO’s party from governance using the ballot box; that which was recently demonstrated in the concluded constituency election.

Eyewitnesses account state that the Tonkolileans want SUPREMO and his ORSAI ORWAI party out in 2018.

That their resolved is unchanging, as according to them, not even the SUPREMO is able to make them change their minds anymore.

You know what? A certain Minister was recently spotted confessing on social media that the Tonkolili election was no doubt a defeat to their party ORWAI PRSAI, and that such is but a worrisome situation and a wakeup call that the party is slowly making governance exit.

Aya! No wonder SONKOH SONKOH’s friend; a fervent sympathizer of party ORSAI ORWAI, lately has told him he will not vote in the coming elections because he sees nothing good from the party voted nine years ago.

Bobs! Is it that lyrics of INNOCENT the Musician titled: “den wan ya we go gee den notice” years produced to the favour of the SUPREMO will this time go against him? E look lek say dem bra dae go dis trip oh!

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