Ramadan Starts Today

By Sulaiman Juldeh Bah

The holy month of Ramadan starts today the 17th May 2018 after an official confirmation from the government of Saudi Arabia and Sierra Leone Muslim Congress that this year’s fasting is to commence at the end of Shaban and the start of the new month of Ramadan, according to the Islamic calendar.

Fasting is among the five pillars of Islam, which includes the recitation that there is no other God except Allah and his messenger Prophet Mohamed (Peace and Blessing Be upon Him), giving charity, five daily prayers and a pilgrimage to Mecca if possible.

Sheki Kallay, PRO Sierra Leone Muslim Congress, has also confirmed that this year’s fasting starts today and called on all Muslims to obey one of the five pillars of Islam, which is to observe the fasting for 29 or 30 days as prescribed by the Koran and the Suna of the Prophet Mohamed (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him).

He similarly called on none- Muslims to also observe the holy month by maintaining an ethical dress code, not to be using abusive language, not to consume alcohol and smoke publicly and respect their brothers and sisters observing the fasting for the sake of Allah.

Sheki Kallay also appealed to traders not to use the month of Ramadan for profiteering by unduly increasing the prices of food stuffs, which he said would not only affect Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan but also the ordinary masses struggling to make ends meet.

He also appealed to corporate institutions like mobile companies not to use the month of Ramadan to make more money by using it as a platform to showcase their products and services.

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