Provocation… APC 7 STOREY BUILDING COSTS 7, 413, 725, 000 BILLION

Document sent to the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) by the ruling APC government has revealed how a whopping $988, 413, correspondingly 7, 413, 172, 500, billion Leones would be spent on the proposed construction of the APC/CPC Chinese Friendship 7 storey building.

The wished-for construction of a so costly seven storey building for the ruling APC has sparked unending debates from among opposition political parties and of course the contemporary electorates.

Many say it is in breach of the country’s laws and no doubt a complete interference of China’s CPC party into the politics of Sierra Leone.

But the shocker, as it is now, is the fact that the ruling APC would not only have to spend in excess of over seven billion on the construction of a mere party office, but will be doing so at a time Sierra Leone is facing serious financial meltdown, the result of which has seen countless increases in the prices of fuel, electricity and mobile tariffs, passport, alcoholic drinks, etc.

It was just about some two weeks ago that President Koroma turned sod on a land site, situated at Pultney Street Freetown, as he self-righteously caused the commencement of the construction of a new office for his ruling APC party.

However, it is alleged that funding for the building will come from China’s ruling CPC party, a party which for years has had long standing and shared relationship with the APC of Sierra Leone.

That President Koroma was at one point caught on tape as he turned sod for the construction of the building saying however: “that China’s years of well-built relationship with the ruling APC is but the cause for the construction of a seven storey APC/CPC Chinese Friendship Building.”

This, no doubt, resulted in both people and civil society organizations referencing the Political Parties Act 2002, which they say obligatorily stated in section 19 (1): “the source of funds of a political party shall be limited to contributions or donations, whether in cash or in kind, of persons who are entitled to be registered as voters in Sierra Leone.”

China’s alleged construction of a seven storey building for the ruling APC party at a time the country is planning to hold a general election, questions the credibility of China in the politics of Sierra Leone.

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, Leader and Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party, days preceding the commissioning of the seven stories building released an audio which is now viral on the social media, condemning and calling action of the APC as a complete ‘conflict of interest’ and ‘political corruption.’

He claimed the APC has been given numerous contracts to the Chinese including the constructions of roads, repairs of the national stadium, others just like that.

Adding also that the announced construction of a seven story building by China’s ruling CPC party may not be unconnected to one of such.

Reference is also drawn to President Koroma’s sacking of his elected Vice President, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana, which regretfully has seen the Sierra Leone government dragged to the ECOWAS court for alleged unqualified constitutional violations.

Pundits say if it is true that the Chinese will be funding the construction of the new APC office, then it is now clear that President Koroma is getting used to violating the laws of the country.

Justice Patrick Omolade Hamilton, Chairman Political Parties Registration Commission has told the New Age that the APC submitted a document in relation to the construction of a new party office, in which it is stated that the building will cost USD 988, 413, (correspondingly 7, 413, 172, 500, billion) and will be likewise funded by the APC and not the Chinese as was earlier alleged.

The Political Parties Act 2002 is an act established by Parliament for the registration and regulation of the conduct of political parties in accordance with sections 34 and 35 of the constitution and to provide for related matters.

It is a law binding on existing political parties including ones to be established in the future.
A violation of any of it laws is equally a violation of the Sierra Leone 1991 constitution, the highest law of the land.

Experts say the construction of an office space for political party (ies) is no wrong at all, but doing such outside the laws of the country is a violation.

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