President Bio to declare assets in 90 Days

By Sulaiman Juldeh Bah

As he leads the fight against corruption, promote transparency and accountability, President Bio is to declare assets within 90 days of assuming office.

Mohamed Rado Swaray, Bio’s Minister of Information, while responding to concerns as raised by members of the public vis-à-vis SLPP’s intentions of fighting corruption, said “the president will declare his assets within 90 days in office.”

Rado emphasized however that such is in fulfillment of the President’s manifesto –The New Direction- where he positively had stated that on winning the elections, he will publicly declare his assets within 90 days.

That it will send a strong signal that the president is serious in the fight against corruption and, of course, a warning to all public officials and servants that business is no longer as usual.

Rado hastily took a swipe of former President Koroma and cohorts who secretly declared their assets within the confines of ACC office, leaving members of the public in complete darkness as to what they own as at taking power and what they may have acquired when leaving.

He spoke about plans to set up an ACC special court with the aim of expediting corruption cases so as to overcome delays in dealing with cases of such nature.

Meanwhile, some section of civil society activists and the members of the public have called on Ernest Koroma to publicly declare assets acquired as at assuming office and prior to his exit for the sake of transparency and accountability.

Also, calls have been made for the SLPP government to publish the Transitional Team Report immediately as well as making a position statement on the handing over notes of Ernest Koroma, for the purpose of setting the records straight as to who did what and left what amount in state coffers.

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