Poyo Seller Grabs Le71 Million Mercury 4/50 Jackpot Price

Country’s lead Sport Betting and Lottery Company, Mercury International, Wednesday 19th, made Brima Samura, a ‘Poyo’ Seller, a new millionaire, shortly after announcing him the 215th Mercury’s 4/50 Jackpot Lottery winner.

The winning is tagged at Le71 Million (Seventy One Million Leones only) and Brima is but the 24th Mercury millionaire ever since the 4/50 Jackpot was introduced in March 2016.

As always the case, Mercury pays on behalf of it winners 10% withholding tax for winnings ranging from Le10 million and below and of course 20% for winnings ranging from Le10 million and above to the National Revenue Authority in compliance of country’s tax obligations.

Winner Brima took home a whopping Le58, 190, 00 (fifty eight million one hundred and ninety thousand Leones only) after tax totaling L12, 810,000 (Twelve million eight hundred and ten thousand Leones) was deducted.

Presenting cheque to the winner at Mercury’s headquarter office at Kroo Town Road Freetown, Mr. Joe Harb, Mercury’s operations manager, admonished the winner to make good use of money paid him, adding however that such is a life changing amount and must be wisely used.

“It is not easy to win such an amount with a mere Le2, 000 bet. It is with Mercury that people are assured of winning millions with just Le2,000, so I advise you use the money in a way beneficial to you and your family,” Joe Harb advised.

Brima expresses profound thanks and appreciation to God for making him win such an amount.

He praises Mercury for giving the less privileged of society the opportunity of transforming their lives into becoming millionaires overnight with a minimal bet of Le2,000.

“I have been playing Mercury’s products over six years now, I always have fate in Mercury and believe their games are real and credible, but some residents in my community have a feeling that the games are not genuine and that Mercury’s staff determines who win the jackpot. My winning today has helped change perceptions of many in my community,” Brima gladly said.

“I wasn’t having enough money on me to bet because I am used to betting at least Le30, 000 (Thirty thousand Leones) daily. I was having only Le6, 000 (Six thousand Leones) on me, and so I decided to bet all the Six thousand Leones. Later in the day, I was selling my Poyo when I was called upon by a retailer who informed me that I have won the Jackpot. I was shocked and didn’t believe I have won, but before I could realize, the news was all over the place,” he continued.

“I’m a family man with wife and children. Also, I owned a piece of land for over ten (10) years. I have been praying for an opportunity to develop my house, but now is the right time.”

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