Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Sumana, Sierra Leone’s former Vice President, whose home come was greeted with a warm welcome, Thursday took the ruling All People Congress party in shock and disbelief.

Notwithstanding attempts by the ruling government to debar the Sierra Leone politician a respectful welcome, people no doubt occupied roundabouts in the capital of Freetown, singing and dancing as they wait to welcome him (Sam Sumana) on his arrival from Lungi International Airport.

Ferry boats were ordered grounded because government never wanted the thousands of supporters crossover to Lungi in camaraderie of their man of liking.

The Police could also not give reason for not permitting Friends and Families of the erstwhile Veep process streets of the capital to welcome him.

His diplomatic passport, a thing past Vice Presidents and Ministers were issued in the enjoyment of services rendered, was unreasonably withdrawn from him by the Immigration Office soon after his arrival at the airport.

This, people say, was all a political treachery or bad-heart meted the former Sierra Leone Veep, which of course has made Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad describe the present government as evil and bent on destroying a well liked politician.

It is true Sam Sumana was relieved of his duties by President Koroma because he had lost one of the continuous requirements of becoming a Vice President- a decision upheld by country’s highest court.

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