Political Interference In Sport… JOHANSEN, KALLON CLAIM BIO’s SUPPORT

The football imbroglio seems going unabated as the recently elected government of President Bio is reportedly indulging into the internal politics of football.

This, according to football experts was the same mistake the former APC government of President Koroma made by imposing the embattled Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) President, Isha Johansen on the stakeholders which has precipitously affected football in the country.

Last week, Isha Johansen claimed the support of the government on an image-cleansing show on one of the Television Stations by stating, ‘’I have been reinstated by the new government of President Bio.”

This has however been refuted by the Minister of Sport Ibrahim Nyelenkeh who had earlier made a mistake of reinstating Isha who because of her corruption trial at the court was set aside.

Unconfirmed report also revealed that Sierra Leone Football Legend, Mohamed Kallon has also decided to run for the FA Presidency.

That Kallon is also claiming the support of the government of President Bio and that he (Mohamed Kallon) has also got the support of the Chief Minister, David Francis.

Isha on the other hand is claiming the support of the first lady Fatima Bio as they have been long time friends.

This political interference came at time when Julius Maada Bio in his presidential address to Parliament blamed the constant crisis in the Sierra Leone Football Association largely on ‘’political interference.’’

Whether or not President Bio will allow few people to use him to interfere into the politics of football remain a matter of wait and see.

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