By: Easmond Moguah In Sahn Malen

The Paramount Chief of Bargbo Chiefdom in the Bo District has debunked Green Scenery’s wide ranging accusations linking Socfin Agricultural Company to land encroachment in Bargbo Chiefdom as false and baseless.

According to the traditional leader Bargbo Chiefdom share boundary with Malen Chiefdom, the home of Socfin another round of propaganda ploy supported by MALOA and associates.

Speaking in a follow up nationwide radio broadcast conducted in his office at the Local Administrative office in Jimmi, the Chiefdom headquarter town, PC RBS Koker, roundly dismisses what he termed as part of the long standing wide ranging fake propaganda ploys usually orchestrated by Green Scenery and certain misinformed NGOs and CSOs that Socfin is operating in and around Bargbo Chiefdom.

Reacting further the soft spoken Paramount Chief referred to the accusation as unfortunate, unfounded, misleading, only put together to smear the good name of the Agricultural Company which the Chiefs profusely commended for leaving up to its Corporate Social Responsibilities within and around the country.

The Chief further explains that Socfin is providing thousands of job facilities for Sierra Leoneans alongside with natives of Bargbo chiefdom.

“The yearly repairs of Sahn, Jimmi, Koribondo highway for the past years speaks volume of how the Agricultural Company is helping the government to push development in the country.” He said.

Explaining further Paramount Chief Koker says Jimmi Government Secondary School is hugely benefitting from Socfin Agricultural Company scholarship scheme, noting that development is what Pujehun District wants and not the contrary from political Non-Governmental Organizations.

Chief Koker criticized Green Scenery for failure to properly relates with traditional chiefs charge with taking custody of the lands in Bargbo chiefdom as a whole, adding that as chiefs they should be the very first to raise alarm in the case of such land acquisitions. He warned Green Scenery and associates to desist from manufacturing fake and unfounded news items to the public.

The peaceful co-existence of Bargbo chiefdom and Sahn Malen Chiefdom according to the Paramount Chief is a long existing tie between families and community people of both chiefdoms.

Earlier, Chief Koker criticized the recent national policy put in place without the input of traditional authorities, something he referred to as another unfortunate and missing link made by NGO’s whom he further blamed for having hidden agenda noting that traditional chiefs forms part and parcel of any development that has to do with land in the provinces.

Concluding, Paramount Chief Koker encouraged Government to always protect well placed international investors and good to go investors as in the case of Socfin which he added is now synonymous with development of the highest order in and outside Malen Chiefdom and Sierra Leone in general.


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