Over Wifi Wahala NATCOM Boss to Summon Sierratel

The head of National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), Momoh Konteh, has said that he intends summon management of Sierratel over complaint relating to bad services- Wifi internet.

Momoh made this disclosure in an interview with one of the local radio stations as he plainly speaks on NATCOM’s drive in trying to connect the hard to reach communities of society.

“Even though I am not using the Sirratel Wifi, to be able to assess its effectiveness, I will obviously not ignore complaints from the public but rather summon management of Sirratel to a meeting so that we can together discuss with concerns raised by people,” Momoh said.

He said NATCOM is in agreement with facebook to track mischievous people using the internet, who use the social media to do things uncalled for of society.

According to him, NATCOM has recently discovered eight thousand Sim Cards through simbox fraud entering the country, that they have been able track down over ten thousand sim cards through the country’s gateway monitor, Suba.

Momoh stressed his Commission has asked internet providers including SALCAB make a 20% reduction in tarriff so as to give access to internet to especially the underprivileged of Sierra Leone.

He claimed NATCOM will soon connect other communities in the south to communication, adding, however, that the President has been given him free hand to do his work.

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