By Abdulrahman Koroma

Fire victims at Angola Town in Freetown have persistently requested answers from Sierra Leone’s Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh to address their living condition and the assurance of their conducive stay in the site.

Being the head of Office of National Security (ONS) and recipient of the 100 million Leones from Mercury International Sport Betting Company, the victims have called on Victor Foh to frankly their living condition at the Site.

The victims stated that they have been waiting to hear from the government since the fire disaster befell them three months back, but the government have been making promises but have failed to live by those promises.

The victims added that had it not been the help they received from Don Bosco Children Foundation most of them would have perished and that the government of Sierra Leone should be ashamed to see an organization taking up their duties as government of the people.

They called on the Government of Sierra Leone to give them full assurance that they will revert to their places since the government have received monies and bundles of zincs from development partners and that they will construct their own structures if the government do not respond to their lamentation.

Like fire victims, Victor Bockarie Foh (Vice President) was also the head of the bank account that was created to look after the livelihood of the September 16 flood victims in Freetown.

Victims of the said flooding have accused the government of not living up to their promises and that they have no market, school or health center at their relocation site.

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