In what was seen as an unprecedented action, Ady Macauley, Anti Corruption’s Commissioner, last year arrested and kept in smelly police cells, the President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Isha Johansen, claiming however that such was prompted by ‘a pending corruption investigation.’

Commissioner Macauley’s arrests of particularly Isha and her secretary general Chris Kamara, made the headlines in the local as well as international newspapers, which later also saw number of football stakeholders including FIFA, questioning ACC’s jurisdiction vis-à-vis the investigation of football authorities.

Sierra Leoneans, curious as to the outcome of a once highly talked about corruption investigation, are of late baffled over the seeming quietness of the ACC commissioner, who, months ago, lousily convinced the public into believing that Isha, others have had their hands in corruption excesses.

Interviews recently conducted indicate that many including the vulnerable of society are dissatisfied with the snail pace of the ACC investigation, and to a point have raised concerns as to the credibility of the outcome in the future.

Most have asked whether Commissioner Macauley rushed into arresting and detaining Isha Johansen as he wanted people think he intends restore the lost image of the ACC, or that he may have done so to make a name for himself or may be for reasons completely political.

Others say, “The ACC under Commissioner Macauley can only be functional when his political god fathers dictate what he does.”

While some people insist Commissioner Macauley seems look like a puppet anti-graft head, who had no time for the ‘big fish’ of society but ‘small flies,’ and no doubt letting the hawks go free as he intentionally targets ‘petty corruption,’ not paying attention to ‘grand corruption’ which targets the powerful of society.

It is true the said investigation is getting to one year now ever since it was instituted.

A source has told the New Age that the ACC was more or less at the finishing stage of the SLFA investigation, and that once a conclusion is reached at, the public will be informed about the outcome.

Other competent sources say the SLFA President and her Secretary General have treated the ACC investigation with utter disregard for the simple reason that they are of the conviction the ACC has no case to make against them.

They say Isha and Chris have had moments of time making excuses each time they were at the ACC for investigative interviews.

The delay or maybe dead investigation has seen football loving fans asked the question: “when will the Isha versus ACC corruption investigation ends?”

That even Commissioner Macauley who uncontrollably had promised getting to the bottom of things seem not showing the positives that Isha and followers, previously incarcerated, may face prosecutorial actions in the future.

They say the god fathers (or call them remote machines of Commissioner Macauley) may have instructed that the matter be laid-on-file, or as the lawyers call it ‘put sine-die’ till when the heavens will come on earth.

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