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It is hammered into the skulls of ordinary citizens on daily basis that the House of Parliament is made up of people elected to serve and represent those who elect them.

In layman’s terms: a Member of Parliament is that person representing his/her (constituents’) interests and concerns in Parliament; and also articulates the aspirations, hopes, views, opinions and wishes of his constituents, in a manner so as to bring out the best for the people the MP is representing in Parliament.

In other words, MPs are looked upon as the necessary evil the people must rely on and accept for the greater good; because it is not all Members of Parliament who after being sworn-in, go ahead to represent their constituents in ways which could be described as representative, collaborative, consultative or for the greater good.

At this point, it should be clearly understood that Members of Parliament are not a law unto themselves. Members of Parliament are constitutionally mandated to consult, represent and articulate the views and aspirations of the people who elected them to Parliament.

In other words, it is expected of MPs to always consult with the people who voted them before taking decisions or agreeing to policies or laws which could adversely affect the aspirations, views and livelihoods of the very people they are supposed to protect and speak out for.

It is unfortunate that in Sierra Leone, there are MPs who deliberately go out of their way to impose their own policies, ideas, aspirations and views on especially constituents who may not be all that educated in the work of Parliament and the work of their Members of Parliament (MPs) and the processes involved and how they (MPs) are to go about representing their electorate.

These classes of people are daily hoodwinked by their MPs into believing or accepting policies, views, decisions or actions which are most times not beneficial to the bulk of the people and which also are oftentimes only of benefit to the Member of Parliament.

The above is a serious concern to most people especially those grassroots who are totally against any more time or extended time to the current second and final term of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

They are concerned because they are afraid that their vehement opposition to the more time, extended time or third term mantra, would not be considered by their Members of Parliament, if and when matters come to a head and the more time proposition is tabled in Parliament for debate.

However, it should be noted here that this more time, extra time or third term issue is of such a serious nature that it would be suicidal for any Member of Parliament no matter how he high in esteem his or her people hold him or her; it would be political suicide for any MP no matter how much he believes he is loved by his/her people, to agree, consent or endorse any more time, extra time or third term issue without first meeting with his/her constituents for lengthy consultation before making any representation for the constituents under his/her charge.

This more time, extra time or third term issue is dynamite and so it must be treated with caution because it has the potential to ignite civil disobedience, chaos, war and even anarchy in a society which is enjoying peace today after a protracted eleven years old rebel war.

It should be emphasized that President Koroma cannot afford to leave a legacy of political chaos and mayhem if he is fooled into going in for additional time when his term ends next year.

The excuse that is being bandied about by sycophants and yelibas in the APC and by other agents that President Koroma ‘lost time’ in the fight against Ebola is neither here nor there, because it is expected of any president to contend with issues challenging his rule-Ebola being no exception.

In other words, unless perhaps it been a conventional war that President Koroma had been fighting would he have recourse to more time in the same vein President Kabbah asked for more time as a result of military disturbances during his tenure which saw him twice removed from office by rebels and Parliament at the time saw the need to grant the late President Kabbah two extensions of six months apiece.

The same however cannot be said of the current situation President Koroma finds himself and so he has no locus standi to ask for any additional time – not even one more second to his second and final term.

So against this background, it is the hope of millions of Sierra Leoneans that our Parliament and our Members of Parliament would do the honorable thing by respecting the views and aspirations of the people who elected them and not go ahead to endorse any ‘more time’ rubbish because they (MPs) would only be digging their own political graves and pitting Sierra Leoneans against each other and causing political intolerance which could climax into wide scale violence of untold proportions.

“Our Members of Parliament dare not agree to such more time, extra time or third term foolishness, without first getting the consent and mandate of us the constituents because anything short of us giving the go-ahead would be counter-productive because it would be met with vehement and collaborative opposition,” warned a political student at FBC who preferred anonymity.

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