SONKOH SONKOH almost laughed his gut out when country’s Information big man, DI GREAT ORBANGU, took the stage at his copiously held wedding, dancing like a chameleon but says it was MICHAEL JACKSON’s style of boogie as he amazingly makes people think he’s SUPREMO’s best dancer.

Hmmmm ORBANGU sabi dance oh. Di boy fiba lek old monkey nar bush bra.

Of course, it was obvious ORBANGU was unaware that SONKOH SONKOH was at a quiet corner in the hall watching him moves all around the stage, as he shakes his head like a crazy bald head.

Salone nar case! But if ministers would do things the same as crazy people, what then do you expect of the ordinary- madness en?

When ORBANGU was crazily dancing, SONKOH SONKOH attempted making a call to his old friend, CHARLIE BOY, to, of course, make him come see how slowly his boy was practically running mental.

But because SONKOH SONKOH isn’t a politician, and no doubt a poor man, he could realistically not able to put credit into his rotten mobile phone to reach out on CHARLIE BOY, and info him as to his boy’s mental state.

They say ORBANGU wasn’t just dancing because he was wedding his wife that day oh, but that he was dancing because he was equally celebrating assurances given him by the SUPREMO that he is in the next cabinet of the soon to be selected party FALLING SUN flagbearer.

Awo… and no wonder SONKOH SONKOH’s planted spies last reported that the SUPREMO has had daily rehearsal drills at his house, strategizing the selection of his cousin, YOHN DI RUTILE as heir and leader of party FALLING SUN.
Looks like things smelling whiff in party FALLING SUN you know!

That some would-be aspirants have vowed crossing over to party SAM DI MANA if the SUPREMO undemocratically passes leadership baton to cousin YOHN DI RUTILE.

SONKOH SONKOH has also been informed that the SUPREMO has already identified persons in the cabinet of his cousin come 2018.

And that DI GREAT ORBANGU is number one in the list.

He was told SUPREMO is favouring DI GREAT ORBANGU because he was the first of Sierra Leone Ministers to have ‘send am go don’ fling it to the bottom in New York at a time Sierra Leoneans had gathered at the United Nations building in protest of his (SUPREMO’S) undemocratic sacking of SAM DI MANA then.

Can it be true that ORBANGU has something up his sleeve, and that he has set up a plan ‘B’ strategy in circumstances SUPREMO’s arrangement failed?

Remember also that ORBANGU was CHARLIE BOY’s most trusted follower, but betrayed him shortly after receiving dollars from party FALLING SUN, to have him establish his MDU party in 2012.

Eeeeeee so OlIMA DI CHINESE have paid homage to SAM DI MANA, and has had an understanding with him to form a new political party that will defeat SUPREMO’s cousin at polls come 2018?

What about news making the rounds that JKF will soon be shown the exit doors because he woefully failed executing SUPREMO’s more time plans?

Anyway, SONKOH SONKOH foresees serious divide in party FALLING SUN; worse than what is now in party TORKPOI.

Look me dae go ya! Twwwwwww!


So the Konos seem fed up with MINISTER MAMY CUSS for his repressive attitudes to them over the years!
Of course, MINISTER MAMY CUSS in 2016 incalculably have had joyous moments using invectives at the Konos, whilst also joining strangers fleece his people of their God given natural resources- diamonds- at will.

And recently, he was on streets in Koidu town Kono District manifestly tearing bill boards of SAM DI MANA, who happens to be the most likeable Kono politician.

SONKOH SONKOH was told MINISTER MAMY CUSS ordered the police not to allow the Konos welcome SAM DI MANA thus depriving them in the enjoyment of the their human rights and fundamental freedom of assembly as provided for in country’s constitution.

Den say wae cockroach wan alaki nar palm oil bottle e de go, and that’s what the SONKOH SONKOH has seen MINISTER MAMY CUSS does.

Just hope he knows the SUPREMO has used men far stronger than him, and later dumped them just like that.
Go ask UNCLE TIO, Di Bread and Butter Information big man, and he will tell you how the SUPREMO had put honey in
his mouth, later stuffed bitter leaves into him in excess.

Ar tell you bra! SUPREMO sabi deal with mean people you know. Imagine UNCLE TIO, whose days as lie lie journalist, was always at SLBC sing praising the SUPREMO as world’s best of bests, yet all he could benefit is what the creoles called: “den put empty spoon nar e mot.” Enti e big ya!

Now tell me, if the SUPREMO could misuse UNCLE TIO, can he not also do same to MINISTER MAMY CUSS who now goes around saying all odds against his Kono people?

Ay woooo… poly en last word!


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