Orange has innovatively launched novel mobile sites in Alikalia, Gbentu and Samabendugu villages in Koinadugu district, north of Sierra Leone.

Sekou Darame, Orange CEO, assured people of Koinadugu of his company’s commitment in ensuring that Koinadugu enjoys much better mobile network systems in the months and years to come.

“I am happy that Orange is now in Chiefdoms in Koinadugu, and by extension making people getting closer to the age of technology using world’s most reliable mobile Network- Orange,” CEO Drame self-righteously said.

He said Orange has bought up to five poles for the district, costing the company an amount totaling US$1.5 million.

That in the coming months Orange will positively bring to Chiefdoms in Koinadugu stronger internet systems, which will, no doubt, open the district to the ubiquitous world.

Orange is world’s most reliable mobile network and has been making users enjoy a much faster internet services in Sierra Leone, CEO Drame said.

He warned customers to register their Orange Sims in compliance with the laws of the country.

He told people of Koinadugu that Orange has given 200 mobile phones to residents of Samabendugu and Gbentu and 207 to Alkalia respectively.

Momoh Konte, Chairman NATCOM said, just when President Koroma took over power in 2007, communication was less 25% nationwide, but as it is now, it has gone to 50%.

He said internet service in Sierra Leone is but currently working full time, and that proposals are underway to have such facilities taken to schools in Chiefdoms in Koinadugu District.

He said Orange has spent lots of money in putting up poles in the different towns in Koinadugu District, noting also that Orange is no doubt a big company in Africa, with a wider presence in Europe too.

Tamba Koroma, Chiefdom Speaker Samabendugu reechoes his chiefdom’s appreciation over Orange’s launching of their mobile system in their communities.

“Orange has done more than well for us. We are excited having mobile network systems brought to our door steps,” Tamba elatedly said.

PC Alhaji Fenda Modu II of Folosaba Kamba Chiefdom congratulates Orange as the best of mobile networks in Sierra Leone, backing his claim to the company’s establishment of a mobile banking system in the country.

PC Alimamy Foday Jalloh III of Kalia Chiefdom thanked Orange for bringing such facilities to their chiefdom and asked that the company remembers them when issues of internet mobile services are discussed.


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