Orange Gives Hifta to Muslims

By Marilyn King

Thursday May 31st- one of Sierra Leone’s leading mobile networks, Orange SL, gave out food items to Muslims at the MASJID HAFIZ mosque in Waterloo.

On the following Day, Orange also gave Hifta to Muslims at the Koidu Central Mosque in Kono District.

The gesture was further extended to the poor and needy in streets of Waterloo and Kono respectively.
Desmond Spain, cooperate affairs manager Orange said his company cares for Muslims and that is more the reason they have had the corporate responsibility in giving out to Muslims during Ramadan.

Goods offered Muslims and the needy poor of society included food items.

“Fasting is one of the greatest pillars in Islam. It is no doubt a task uncomfortable of both Muslim and Christian follower, but it is as equally important to all two religions,” Spain maintained.

He explained how Orange came together and decided on giving out food items to Muslims, which include bags of rice; cartoons of tomatoes, milk, Onions, etc.

Alhaji Abdul Rashid Gama, chief imam of MAJID HAFIZ in Waterloo said all MAJID HAFIZ Mosques are appreciative of the gesture of Orange in this month of Ramadan.

That Orange is the only Mobile Company that has been bringing Hifta to Muslims ever since- from the days of CELTEL to ZAIN, AIRTEL and now ORANGE.

He continued to say that the gifts that Orange brought to them came at the when they are mostly needed.

He said they will continue to pray for all Orange staff for the Almighty Allah to bless them and keep them safe.

James Ballat, zonal business manager Orange said his company will continue to consider Muslims during Ramadan; that they intend do more in the future.

Distribution of food items to the Muslims and the poor climaxed the occasions.

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