Orange Commissions Two Sites

By Marilyn king

Orange Sierra Leone has commissioned two new sites, one in Dambala town Bo district and the other in Giehun town in Kailahun district.

Jestina Betts, director of customer experience said Orange will be investing $33 million in the provinces to improve access to communication in that part of the country.

She said communication poles are going beyond the chiefdom and therefore want people buy Orange sims so that they will access Orange money on their phones.

She cautioned subscribers to register their sims before start using it, and as she puts it, “the law does not prevent people from getting access to their orange money code when their phones get lost.”

Abdul Kuyateh, director of consumer and corporate affairs NATCOM admits Orange has brought a better communication to people of Serra Leone.

PC Desmond Maye Kargobai II of Selenga chiefdom Bo District Dambala town said it has been long they have been waiting for the opportunity to have a communication pole.

He said he is excited about the communication network that Orange has brought to their door steps.

He explained the importance of communication in his chiefdom as same will create opportunities for people to have ambulance that will transport sick people in the chiefdom to the hospital.

Amara Alpha, a representative of the Youths in Luawa Chiefdom in Kailahun District said they as youths are happy for the kind gesture Orange has extended to them.

Sumorie Tengbeh IV, section chief of Luawa chiefdom said his subjects are very excited for what Orange has done for them.

He said Orange is at all times welcome in his chiefdom and that they intend build a special place for any of the Orange workers who may want to pay visit to their town.

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