By Alhaji Koroma

Africa Young Voices Media has failed to provide witnesses in its theft case against Mohamed Kanu alias B- Tus Tex and nine others at Magistrate Court No. 1.

On 14th March, 2017, Mohamed Kanu alias B Tus Tex (Disc Jockey), Lawrence Peter (security), Alieu Vandy (musician), Lamin Kanu (tiller), Sulaiman Conteh, Anna Momoh, Saidu Mohamed, Issa Dumbuya and et al were arraigned before Magistrate Abu Bakar Binneh Kamara on two count charges of conspiracy to commit a crime contrary to law and office breaking and larceny contrary to section 26 sub-section 1 of the Larceny Act of 1916.

Count one states that on Monday 27th February, 2017, Mohamed Kanu at the AYV’s compound, Tower Hill, broke and entered into the said media and stole equipment of value owned by the AYV Proprietor Junior Navo.

The exhibits before the court were one old wooden plank, one old aluminum leader, close circuit television, footage of CCTV.

In her presentation police prosecutor Inspector Hawa Bah asked for an adjournment of the matter, noting that there were no witnesses to testify as the witnesses were reportedly in hiding.

Lawyer representing the accused, C.A Campbell applied for bail, appealing that his clients are residents of Sierra Leone and do not pose a flight risk.

He argued that they will humbly avail themselves as demanded by the court.

However, all accused were denied bail on grounds that the matter is still being investigated and the police are yet to arrest all of the suspects involved.

The matter was adjourned to Friday 17th March.


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