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By Naomi H. Samura

The National Child Right Promotion and Development Forum (NCRPDF) has held a meeting to form one umbrella organization in Sierra Leone and have resolved to work together as one family.

This meeting which was held at the Special Court Peace Museum at New England Ville and attracted a number of local government and non-government organizations.

According to Mr. Usif Mansaray the Programme Manager of Child Health Care Development Foundation said the purpose of the meeting is in respect of SLANGO which is the umbrella body for non-governmental organizations in Sierra Leone.

At the meeting, they agreed that NGOs are supposed to come together to work so that they will be able to make an impact.

Immediately after the meeting, he said he and the Director of Child Health Care Development Foundation would come together and plan and called on members of civil society organizations to come together to plan advocacy and lobbying initiatives to see how they will be able to manage and seek support from donors and join in activities in the country which will be help them and also build up the CBOs that are growing to becoming NGOs.

Some of the key areas he mention is for them to be able to see how they will be able to take care of the environment; do child protection, take care of women and youth, and also work on issues of education.

He said every organization has its own individual functions, aims and objectives, adding that this meeting is to make them come together.

He said they need to get terms of reference that will be reminding them about their roles and responsibilities and relationships which will serve as guidelines.

He said all NGOs must get their operational guide and in the case of this group, he said they will have their terms of reference that will serve as memorandum of understanding example, when seeking funding; what and what they will do that will bind them together.

He said that by the grace of God they will win, because he said there are members present that are from organizations that have died out, and all of them have to learn the cause of their downfall, in order to correct their mistake and make sure this forum is sustained.

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