NGC Andrew Keili Gingers Kenema

In what many people have described as an epoch-making event, Vice Presidential Candidate of the National Grand Coalition was warmly received by his people in the Eastern Region last Thursday.

Deputy Chairman and Leader of the National Grand Coalition party (NGC), Lawyer Alex Mugbe Musa presented Ing. Andrew Keili to residents of Kenema District as his party’s Vice Presidential candidate in the March 2018 Polls.

Excitement grippped the people of Kenema when they received the news that the NGC had chosen one of theirs in the person of Eng. Keili as it running mate.

Lawyer Musa spoke about the long marginalization and deprivation of active participation in the governance the people of Kenema have gone through by both the All People’s Congress (APC) and Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

Musa continued that as a result, the Eastern City remains the most backward in the country, noting that, it is the reason indigenes from the Eastern Region appealed to the Founders and Leadership of the National Grand Coalition to appoint Andrew Keili as Vice Presidential Candidate of the NGC.

He implored residents of that region to challenge themselves by ensuring that NGC as a party which has given them so much power gets the highest votes in the forthcoming elections.

One of the founding members of NGC, Haja Memunatu Koroma said Ing. Andrew Keili’s appointment as running mate is an achievement they as indigenes have got.

She called on them to work very hard to ensure that the party comes to power this year.

Haja Memunatu Koroma also called on them not to let the party down as NGC is the only way out of Sierra Leone current situation.

On his part Ing. Andrew Keili thanked Dr Kendah Yumkella for choosing him as his running mate in the forthcoming elections.

He said Dr. Yumkella has good plans for Sierra Leone and that is why 80 to 90% of people in the Diaspora believe in the NGC.

“I believe I owe the people an obligation because it is the first in history that somebody from Kailahun has been appointed to such a prestigious position,” Keili stated. Ing. Andrew Keili recalled the 90s when coffee, cacao and diamonds were making impacts in the country, promising his people that the eastern province would return to those good days when NGC takes over leadership of the country.

From the massive turn out on Thursday, Ing. Andrew Keili described Kenema as a district that is ready to embrace change.

On his way to the Kenema, Ing. Keili made a stopped at Jerehun, Yomandu, Baoma Station and several villages along the Bo-Kenema highway where thousands of people turned out to welcome him.

The people of Kenema presented calabash, full of cola nuts to welcome Ing. Keili to the District. Some of the people publicly declared their supports for the National Grand Coalition.

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