Reports reaching New Age revealed how in merely three months in office, David Bai Conteh, Board Chairman Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation has had endless moments fighting over resources of the corporation.

Less two weeks of his appointment, David approached SLRTC management, demanding that he be provided with an official vehicle and office space, requests completely contradicting terms and conditions as in policies laid out by government.

They say he has ordered that he gets paid more than the Chief Executive of the Corporation, despite efforts having him understands he is simply a Board Chair and just it.

Sources in the board of SLRTC say the controversial Board Chairman has asked that the recruitment of the new Deputy General Manager be reversed, even though the latter is said to have highly excelled during a competitive recruitment process.

“He does not respect anyone around here, including other members of the Board…. he looks snobbish, arrogant and lack team spirit…,” remarked an irate member of the corporation, who prefers to remain anonymous.

When NEW AGE contacted the said Board Chairman, his response was “I cannot speak on anything I have not seen.”


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