Orange CEO, Sekou Drame yesterday joined counterparts CEOs in the regions of Africa as they launch the company’s brand in Sierra Leone.

Held at the esteemed Lagoonda conference hall in the extreme west of Freetown, CEO Drame said that Orange Sierra Leone will rank with one of world’s most powerful brands and stands to benefit from being part of a large international group.

He said that as part of Orange, the company in Sierra Leone will gain access to the group’s expertise, technical know-how and an extensive product and service portfolio.

That Sierra Leone has significant potential for growth in mobile services and said Orange has committed itself to improving the quality and availability of its services by venturing into untapped and undeserved geographical areas, offering the people of Sierra Leone the innovation that the company is delivering elsewhere.

“Orange Sierra Leone disclosed earlier this year a modernization and expansion plan to enhance reliability, coverage and quality of its network, and on voice and data services,” CEO Drame emphasized.

Bruno Mettling, Deputy CEO of Operations in Africa and Middle East expresses Orange’s commitment to ensuring that Sierra Leone enjoys digital transformation once the company is provided with a clear, acceptable and stable environment to operate.

He said his company has invested some $33 million in the modernization of voice and data service including the construction of 33 new sites all over Sierra Leone.

He promised that in the coming months and years, the company will embark on extending work to untapped areas including transforming the company’s communication systems in terms of services, tools and also bringing in innovative solutions to the customers.

He claimed the company will obviously provide opportunities to its customers and will usher in transparent communication policies too.

“We remain committed in taking our network everywhere and to everyone in Sierra Leone,” Bruno said.
“Our objective is to win the hearts of Sierra Leoneans in the coming months and years.”

Furthered: “Africa is undoubtedly a continent of host and by 2025 it is targeting having a billion smart phone users in countries Orange operates.”

Orange, he continued, is the first to invest in this country after the ebola crisis.

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