NEC Updates Media on Electoral Calendar

By Alieu Kondoh

William Davies, Executive Secretary National Electoral Commission (NEC) has briefed journalists on electoral boundaries, other activities past Thursday.

He claimed there are 132 constituencies and 446 ward boundaries.

William stated, “provisional voter register (PVR) was exhibited in August and that there are three million one hundred and seventy-eight thousand plus registered voters for the upcoming 2018 elections.”

He confirmed there are now sixteen electoral districts as opposed to fourteen including Falaba in the North and Karena in the North West.

That there are five regions, which include the West, South, East, North and North West.

“The electoral process has to be adjusted to fit the various changes in the electoral system,” William said.
Furthered: “the commission is planning to distribute the three million plus voter identification cards from 25th November to 4th December 2017.”

He added that voter identification cards were printed in Dubai with help from donor partners.

“During the distribution process, NEC will provide additional distribution team to centers that are populated to fast track the process,” he said.

He also disclosed that, for the Paramount Chief Member of Parliament elections, there are now fourteen parliamentary seats as opposed to the previous twelve.

In the area of results management, William said that the structure will remain regional, with Port Loko as the regional headquarter for the North West region.

He confirmed NEC has received thirty billion Leones from the Ministry of Finance in the recent past and that in total 150.8 billion has been received in 2017.

He said the 2018 elections will be funded by the government of Sierra Leone and development partners as managed by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

5 thoughts on “NEC Updates Media on Electoral Calendar

  • November 15, 2017 at 3:13 pm


    According to Transparency International, “Poorly equipped schools, counterfeit medicine and elections decided by one single group of incompetent crooks & money are just some of the consequences of public and private sector grossly incompetent corruption. Bribes and backroom deals don’t just steal resources from the most vulnerable – they undermine justice and economic development, and destroy public trust in our government and our incompetent and dotard APE-MAN leaders… as ASSRNEST KAMARA/KOROMA. Most Sierra Leoneans struggles to make ends meet, with average personal income of slightly more than $1 a day.”

    “Corruption is responsible for the abject poverty and poor health that are killing the vast majority of children and adults in Sierra Leone. And it seems from the latest Transparency International report; there is no hope of an improvement.”
    The corrupt acts of people in power have over the years led to the deaths of thousands of people needlessly of preventable diseases and poverty. Corruption makes it difficult to maintain the rule of law.

    In the days of Late President Siaka Stevens, in his one party dictatorship, many people thought Salone’s governance problems could only be solved when our academics become ministers of Government. The ageing president succumbed to pressure and started placing Doctors and Professors as ministers. That was when our corruption was upgraded! This reminds me of a policeman at a workshop some years back who said that if the police were said to be corrupt, at least theirs is transparent. When queried, the police explained that the policeman openly takes bribe in the full view of people and the money is small, like Le5,000 or Le10,000. But for other walks of life, a little funny signature will fetch millions of Leones. I hope you get the point. The only snag here is that for the Anti-Corruption Commission, whether the money involved is big or small, corruption is corruption.

    Salone’s pre anti-corruption man turns attorney general and disgustingly hilariously wannabe president of sierra leone (LOL) can’t even brings disciplined control order into his hilariously disgusting little ape personality. Corrupted little ape souls, left with the capacity to decide the life of others in sierra leone with derision and disbelief.

    But that’s the faith, ”the will of god for our sierra leone”. Left in the hand of tenminee,loko,limba, kuranko and Yoruba’s by providence. The most primitively backward of axis of APES in that CURSED LAND. #SAD.

    These apes leadership in ernest kamara/sisey/koroma have all the corrupt, brutal, dirty, unintelligent (except with their foolishly out of date cruel jokes telling) and incompetent INGREDIENTS CHARACTERISTICS of SIAKA THEIVENS, SORIE SORRY KOROMA AND BAIMBA KAMARA.

    Did you take note of their NAMES–stevens/Theivens, kamaras and koroma. Names of uncultured, unwashed, backward brainless and thoughtless oldest primitive vertebrates apes.

    The same, Truth goes ”grossly sadly” for the so called intelligential elites with their completely blindly weird and timid half baked foolishly narrow mind set in their starved quest for a basic survivals. The likes of cad kanu, tony bee, timus olu ojuju free man-son or mad-son, Oswald olajuye hanciles. #SadCursedSalone.

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