Died in a circumstance completely mysterious, postmortem result has shown that Thomas Samba, 13, suffered spinal injury, dislocation fracture of the cervical vertebrae, cerebral anoxia, skull fracture and blunt force injury.

Thomas, on 16th March, was found dead in the office of the Principal of Services Secondary School, where incidentally he has been attending as SS2 pupil.

Services School authorities claimed the youngster committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope at the window of the office of the Principal just when he was accused of stealing thirty five thousand Leones from office of the school’s bursar, Madam Mrs Wills.

His death later resulted in the hurried intervention of the police at Congo Cross, who no doubt, mounted an investigation, arresting and keeping behind bars the School’s bursar Mrs Wills, others suspected of having hands in the death of the boy as they help in the inquisition.

Sources say late Thomas Samba has had unfettered access to offices of the Principal and Bursar, and was daily tasked with the duty of cleaning all two offices.

That preceding his mystifying death (March 16th), he was accused of stealing thirty five thousand Leones from office of the bursar shortly after finishing his usual office cleaning routine.

This, our investigation reveals, resulted in the late youngster being placed under a solitary confinement (locked up) in the Principal’s office, where allegedly he was later found dead.

Other accounts state that the youngster was accused to have been regularly stealing money from offices of both the Principal and Bursar each time he is asked to do cleaning there, and on that fateful day (March 16th), he confessed stealing a sum of thirty five thousand Leones, the result of which has seen him mobbed, later locked up in the bursar’s office instead of informing his parents or probably take him to the police.

Baffling the most is the fact that the police at Congo Cross recently had released persons suspected of having hands in the death of the 13-year old boy even though the postmortem result has shown that he died owing to spinal injury (at level C3- C4), dislocation fracture of the cervical vertebrae, cerebral anoxia, skull fracture and blunt force injury.

It is also true that the police beforehand had written a letter to the senior government pathologist, Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma (CSP), demanding that he abstains conducting any form of postmortem on the boy (deceased), insubstantially giving reason that the biological parents including the father Pastor David Samba (a Military Corporal) do not wish to pursue with the matter as they are of the conviction that there has been no foul play on the death of their son.

Copy of letter written to Dr. Owizz is now at our possession and will be published for readership consumption in our subsequent publications.

According to insider police sources, it is revealed that the police may have been placed under pecuniary obligation by persons suspected of murdering poor Thomas Samba.

Many have accused them (police) of investigation misconduct more so on their action in releasing on bail Mrs Wills (Bursar Services Secondary School), others suspected of having thicker hands in the murder of the 13-year old youngster.

Circumstantially, and according to the cause of death, it seems indisputable that the death of the boy may have been caused by serious physical force, which explicitly and frankly has been stated in Dr. Owizz’s postmortem findings.

They say police’s reason for releasing persons suspected of murdering the youngster is absolutely unfounded.

That the police say the release on bail of persons once arrested came owing to the fact that the parents of the deceased have on one occasion said that they do not wish to pursue with the matter since they were of the belief that there has been no foul play on the boy’s death.

Even though Services School authorities say the boy had committed suicide by literally hanging himself with a rope as he was locked up at the office of the Principal, many have questioned the release of bursar Mrs Wills, others, and have likewise accused the police of taking an action completely detrimental to the investigation.

Concerns are that because the boy had died owing to manual and ligature strangulation, the police do not have the legal authorization to have released any person suspected of murdering him.

The father, Military Corporal David Samba, has said because his son was earlier accused of committing suicide by hanging, he was left without option but demand for his son’s remains for a befitting burial.

He said he formerly had told the police that he is not interested in any form of postmortem but rather want them hand over remains of his son so that he can be buried with respect.

He further said that the police ignored his request and were adamant on conducting postmortem on the boy to find out the cause of death, where possible go after the culprits and have them prosecuted.

“Now that a postmortem has been done and it has been proven that my son was brutally murdered and has not committed suicide, as earlier alleged by Services School authorities, I now want a thorough investigation on the matter so that anyone found wanting will be dealt with according to law,” Corporal Samba emphatically told this press.

“The postmortem result has completely changed my mind, and I am now constantly monitoring the police as they go about their investigation. But my surprise is that Mrs Wills, who is police’s principal suspect and others have been released just like that.”

“Since then, up until now, nothing has been said to me as to whether the police intend send the matter to court or not. For all they will say to me is that the file has been sent to the director of public prosecution at the Law Officers Department for legal recommendation.”

“I am therefore calling on authorities concerned to please give justice to my late son.”
However, in an interview with the Crime Officer Congo Cross Police Station, he admits releasing suspect Mrs Wills, others, but said such was stiffly done.

He did not say whether police intend charge the matter to the court for judicial hearing.

“May I also inform you that the matter has been transferred to the CID headquarters, and so if there is any information you may need, you can please contact them,” the Crime Officer said.

Efforts getting an official at CID HQ comment on the issue proved utterly futile.

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