Muslims Damn PPRC

Following the statement by the Political Parties Registration Commission under the leadership of Justice Patrick Omolada Hamilton, Imams in Sierra Leone have condemned the PPRC and its chairman, Justice Patrick Hamilton.

This, came after Hamilton signed a Press Statement, demanding that the Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) put down all their campaign posters with the inscription, “Allah Is One”

The PPRC unfortunate Press Release further likened Allah is one to terrorism and depicted the picture of their Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Musa Tarawally as one similar to the signs of the ISIS.

Meanwhile, the United Council of Imams has condemned the statement of the PPRC and Justice Patrick Hamilton stating that Allah is One is one that is linked to terrorism as out of place and a pejorative statement against Muslims and Islam.

Other Muslims across the country viewed the statement of the PPRC as an affront on the religion as there is no where in the PPRC Act and the constitution of Sierra Leone which say that to say Allah is One is intolerance.
They then called on the PPRC to stop the ruling party from using slogans that are tribal such as “Tolongbo” if they want the CDP to do such.

They also demand an unreserved apology from Justice Hamilton and PPRC for the unfortunate statement to Muslims.

It could be recalled Justice Hamilton was amongst the five judges who handed down a shameful decision that the President has the power to sack the elected Vice President Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Samuna, a decision that the recent ECOWAS court ruling implied as wrong.

After his retirement, Justice Hamilton was compensated with the current job at the PPRC.

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