Port Loko District- the presumed stronghold of the ruling APC yesterday welcomes the leader of the Citizens Democratic Party Musa Tarawally in a “triumphing” manner.

Musa’s campaign appearance in the headquarter town of Port Loko saw hundreds of supporters cheering him as Sierra Leone’s next president.

They say his vision to rule Sierra Leone as a God fearing leader is likely to see a complete change of attitudes and perceptions, and will remove the country from being the poorest of poor to a developing nation alike Ghana, Nigeria and other African nations.

Musa’s promise to Sierra Leoneans is that he has the ability to make the country a place ‘fit for human habitation,’ but said that can only happen if a God fearing leader such as himself is made the next president come March 7.

The support base for Musa, in particular, Port Loko, has sparked a wave of unhappiness within the ruling APC, with many saying that the APC is less expected of making the usual in-road it used to make in that district during past general elections.

Musa has served as minister in the Koroma government, but fell out with his boss and later decided to join a coalition of four political parties with the CDP as front runner.

Being the presidential candidate of the CDP, Musa has urged followers of the Islamic fraternity support his bid, to enable him absorb Godliness in the politics of Sierra Leone; a thing he claimed has been the problem of the country since independence in 1961.

Sources say Koroma had used his police to go after Musa shortly after he declared his intention of running as a presidential candidate under the CDP.

That at a point he was whisked by the police to the CID, kept in smelly cells for three days before being released without charge.

It is further whispered that the presidency, at one point, had secretly instructed both the police and anti corruption makeup stories against Musa, to, in a way, frame him up and possibly destroy his proposal to run for the position of president come March 7.


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