MMA Impact Forum London, 14 May

As part of the marketing ecosystem, you realize the future of mobile is the future of business – so we know you’ll want take advantage of your early bird discount to the MMA Impact Forum London on Monday, May 14. We’re pleased to announce three speakers who will offer thought-provoking takes on the transformative power of mobile:

Gonneke Gros, Sr. Marketing Director, Global Retail & Hospitality Segment, Global Systems, Philips Lighting. Gros works with retailers by developing and implementing cutting-edge lighting systems that help them improve in-store operations as well as deliver location-based services.

Marie Stafford, Director of Consumer Intelligence, Trends and Insights, JWT Intelligence. Stafford leads the European division of the Innovation Group, delivering insights to the agency’s clients, from her team’s work uncovering the forces, themes and trends driving disruptive change in our lives.

Jeremy Pounder, Futures Director, Mindshare. As head of Mindshare’s emerging media and technology research programme, Pounder has run studies centred on the consumer response to AI chatbots, wearable technology, smart packaging and digital assistants. He is also co-author of Mindshare’s annual trends publications.

Remember we are offering you a discount because you are among a small number of select non-members whom we feel would particularly benefit from the insights and engagement you’ll discover at the Impact Forum.

MMA Impact London Forum 14 May 2018
“Shape the Future – because the future of mobile is the future of business”
County Hall, Riverside Building, Belvedere Road, London SE1 7EB

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