Mercury International fulfills its Annual Financial Support to the Aged…

A Le25 million Leones (Twenty Five Million Leones) cheque and a 10 KVA generator was presented to the Sierra Leone Society for the welfare of the aged by the Chairman of Mercury International Charitable Foundation Samir Hassanyeh in fulfillment of the company’s annual financial support on Saturday 24th June,2017 at the society’s Grafton resident in Freetown.

The donation is a demonstration of the company’s continuous effort in adhering to its Cooperate Social Responsibility, caring for the poor and helping the needy.

Mercury International as a reputable Company whose unflinching support to the needy is unmatched has been the major source of support in ensuring the home is up and running through its Charitable Foundation.

This, the Company has been doing with great satisfaction to care for those who are undergoing the effects of time because some of the resident served this country during their youth days; now that they are aged and can no longer contribute to national development due to poor health conditions, blindness etc….It falls within Mercury’s CRS to support them.

Arriving at the home, the Chairman Charitable Foundation, Mercury International, Mr. Samir Hassanyeh was greeted with a melodious welcoming song by the aged. The Chairman was emotionally impressed.

Presenting the cheque, The Chairman expressed his profound gratitude to the care takers, nurses, securities and the administration for their selfless sacrifices in taking care of the old people.

He applauded the staff members for their unwavering commitment in ensuring the aged are well taking care off.

“The Le25 million Leones is meant to help pay staff salaries and cater for your welfare, whiles, the generator is meant to provide electricity power supply when there is no EDSA light to aid you watch film and charge your phones”. The Chairman said.

“It is very difficult to take care of old people especially when you are not biologically related, and we all know the challenges we face sometimes in taking care of our old people, they can be very difficult to deal with at times and one has to be very close to them almost all the time to help them with everything”. Mr. Hassanyeh stressed.

The dynamic chairman also assured them that Mercury International Charitable Foundation will continue to fulfill it financial support to them as a society, as they have done it for the past six years.

Receiving the cheque, head of administration Sierra Leone Society for the welfare of the aged, Hannah Deen, started by thanking the Chairman of Mercury Charitable foundation for the continuous support the home is receiving from Mercury.

“As a way of appreciating the unflinching support from Mercury International, we have named one of our house after Mercury International Charitable Foundation for being there for us right through”. Mrs. Deen affirmed.

She further used this opportunity to appeal to good will ambassadors and other cooperate houses to come to the aid of the home with whatever little support. She said they are highly constrained financially and with food stuffs.

Mrs. Deen ended up by a confession that indeed their expectations as a society was right up with certainty that indeed Mercury International will come to their rescue like they have previously responded timely to the beckon call of their society whenever they are in need.

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