Mercury Charity Funds Misused

Lottery and Sports Betting Company, Mercury International is known to have been living up to expectation son issues of corporate social responsibility- which in effect was the company’s reason for establishing the Mercury Charity Funds.

The focus of the fund, however, was certainly to help in the education and wellbeing of society including health for Sierra Leoneans at home.

This, no doubt, has seen the company rated first amongst companies to have supported government in the fight against the Ebola Scourge some few years ago.

Mercury’s intervention then had helped in many ways ameliorate structures eliminating the so deadly a disease from out of Sierra Leone completely.

Mercury, as a company, has been helping students in tertiary institutions with scholarship packages, which also has enhanced the development of society’s human resource capacity over the years.

It has supported people who’ve suffered in disasters such as mudslide, flood and, of course, the Fort Street firestorm, many more.

The Mercury Charity Fund has supported many get medical attention elsewhere, while also provided monetary support to number of orphanage homes in the country.

The fund has helped the legal aid board with cash money in their pursuits to tackle crime in the country.

It has similarly supported the police in the construction of the newly established western regional police head office at Lumley.

But in all of these, Sierra Leoneans seem not happy with the company on number of issues-those explaining reasons for the establishment of the Mercury Charity Fund.

They have raised number of questions on the manner in which the fund has been utilized lately.

Investigations by the NEW AGE, no doubt, have revealed how the fund has been used for the wrong purpose, that for the past three years it has not given the usual yearly scholarship package to deserving students as beneficiaries.

Allegations are that the current head of the fund, Samir Hassanyeh, has unfortunately been using finances of the
fund to please friends in the political class and in Lodge Society.

Recently, it was found out that Samir Hassanyeh, without consulting with management of Mercury Company, allegedly pledges huge amount of money on political activities vis-à-vis the President Ernest Bai Koroma Trophy.

That the fund also woefully parted with over 75 Million Leones to the National Golf Club, leaving thousands of students stepping out of tertiary institutions because they have no one to pay for their fees; which used to be Mercury’s generous gestures, the basis for which the MERCURY CHARITY FUND was founded.

However, the inopportune students say “their hopes have been neglected to please the higher class of society.”

They squarely laid blames on Mercury as a corporate sport betting company and, of course, Samir as head of the established goodwill charitable fund.

Efforts to get the side of Mercury proved completely futile.

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