Like Ebola Money, Like Flood Money 4 BILLION LEONES FOR ‘PAN BODY’ HOUSES- Salone Times

By Abdulrahman Koroma

The Government of Sierra Leone has announced during a press conference that the government has designated 4 billon Leones from the consolidated fund to meet the needs of the September 16 flood in Freetown.

SALONE TIMES learnt that the 4 Billion Leones is being used to relocate the flood victims  to a corrugated zinc houses (Pan Body) at 6 Miles while part of the money was used to give to those who do not want to be relocated to rent houses

The Government relocated 100 flood victims at Crossing, few miles from mile six at Koya in the western area rural district of Sierra Leone last Monday 16 November 2015.

A reliable source at the construction site TOLD SALONE TIMES that 50 family heads were supposed to  be relocated to occupy the 50 ‘Pan Bodies’ at Crossing but that 100 family heads were sent at the site.

The Source further revealed that the construction commenced within 10 days which started at the late hours of the 31st October 2015 and finished on the 9th November 2015.

Although there is 4 Billion Leones for the relocation project, SALONE TIMES learnt that the contractors said that the resources are not available for them to have built good houses for the people.

“We are ready to give our service to the nation but we are let down by lack of resource to capacitate us to do more,” they stated.

It was also revealed that the toilets at the centre of the 50 buildings were not yet finished due to lack of resources to continue with the work.

The source stated that the “Pan Body Houses” at the sites are not enough for the flood victims because there are only two rooms, one corridor a kitchen and a toilet which was supposed to be occupied by one family head, but unfortunately it will not be shared in that manner due to overcrowding at the site.

Last Friday 20th November 2015 was the final relocation process of flood victims at their new homes.

However the 4 Billion Leones could not provide schools, Market places and hospital facilities at the site which served as basic amenities to keep the lives of every citizen moving.

However, the Deputy Government Spokesman, Agibu Jalloh said the Government has allocated $1M dollars to meet the needs of all the flood victims at the site.

He added that the victims will be at the site while the rest of the construction at the site commences.

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