Le462M for Info Ministry Briefings

Cornelius Deveaux, country’s Deputy Information Minister Thursday 24th shocked all when in a mouth watering mode told journalists his ministry last year receives Le462 million for the conduct of the Ministry’s weekly press meetings.

His eye-opener revelation stunned number of journalists who said “they weren’t sure such amount has been thoughtfully used by Ministry officials over the years.”

Minister Deveaux’s leaking of budgetary allocation on the conduct of weekly press meetings was prompted by questions from the press vis-à-vis assertion recently made at the current budget hearing that massive amount was allocated to the Information Ministry for the conduct of weekly press meetings.

A journalist who asked for his name not to be mentioned told the New Age that moneys yearly disbursed to the Ministry of Information aren’t used to reflect it purposes- the weekly press meetings, others etc.

Other journalists complained of ill-treatment meted them by officials of Ministry of Information each time they are in attendance at the said press meeting.

“Neither food nor transportation has been gainfully provided us who have been taken our precious time to attend such meetings,” they claimed.

The press meetings, they say, have always been poorly organized, with insufficient sitting accommodation, outdated microphones and speakers, and frequent power outages.

Disheartening also was situation in which the recently held press meeting (Thursday 24th August), was reportedly marred by uncalled for treatment meted journalists.

However, Mr. Sandy, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information said, “Money given his Ministry was used on towards refreshment for journalists at every given press conference held at the Ministry of Information.

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