Mercury’s 4/50 jackpot lottery draw is set to reach record breaking height Wednesday 19th with an amount totaling Le250,500,000 (Two hundred and fifty million five hundred thousand Leones) at stake for a lucky winner/winners.

The whooping le 250 million is but the highest since the commencement of both the Jackpot product and Jackpot lottery in March of 2016.

The attractive price and of course previous winnings have generated anxiety and optimism amongst Mercury’s valued customers, who have directed their concentrations on winning the currently set aside jackpot price.

Mercury as a betting company has over the years made millionaires and as well transforming lives for the better.

The highest amount ever set aside was Le244, 300,000 but was won on 13th December, 2016 by one Abdul Abu Kalokoh.
Speaking ahead of the draw, Mercury’s Managing Director, Martin Michael encouraged customers to continue trying their luck by playing the different products, and called on 4/50 jackpot customers to go all out in winning the Le 250 million price.

“This is a life changing amount and once again Mercury continues to set records and continues to give people the opportunity to change their lives,” Mr. Martin affirmed.

Asked if this amount will serve as a financial threat to the running cost of the Company, MD Martin Michael said: “no… Of course, it is not a threat to the Company, we pay out billions of winnings without it being a threat, so Le250, and 500,000 will certainly be paid immediately it is won.”

“Mercury International is in a better financial position to pay out any winning to its valued customers without delay.”

Olu Bumi Kamara, Marketing Manager Mercury International said that the Le 250 million Jackpot amount has exceeded the record amount of Le244, 300, 00 as was last year’s won by Kalokoh.

“This is a clear demonstration that Mercury intends give Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to transform their lives for the better,” Mr. Kamara Stated.

Kamara admonishes customers to continue to be part of the 4/50 Jackpot game to increase their chances of winning.
Mercury’s 4/50 Jackpot game comes up three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and at 5:05pm each draw day.

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