People belonging to the Kroo Tribe were at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Monday 31st in protest of alleged political manipulations ahead of tribal election.

The protest, they say, was as a result of clandestine activities by the Local Government Minister Maya Kaikai to appoint a tribal headman against the wishes of majority of Kroo people.



The protesters explained that following the death of their tribal headman Chief Tulenga Davies, they have gone months without any form of leadership within the Kroo community.

According to them (Kroo people), they have made tirelessly efforts writing to the Minister, informing him that they have no leadership but all have fallen on deaf ears.

They accused the Minister of lacking the courtesy of replying to several letters written him.

They said the Minister and his Deputy have both decided to do a clandestine process by appointing someone they believe is a loyalist of the ruling All People Congress (APC).

This, they claimed, the Minister had done in conspiracy with few people in the dissolved committee of seven that was selected shortly after the death of the former Kroo Chief Tulenga Davies.

The Kroo protesters also accused one Sonny Moses (a member in the dissolved seven-man committee) who they say is conniving with the Minister to ensure that one Prince Toe, a former coach of the Sierra Leone National Football
Team appointed next Kroo Chief.

“Despite the law says that the Minister should make the appointment of tribal headman after consulting with the people, the Minister has gone ahead to secretly appoint his own man,” the protesters claimed.

When The New Age press contacted Sonny Moses, he denied the committee of seven has been dissolved and claimed he is still a member of the said committee.

He insists nonetheless that the Minister has the legal right to appoint a tribal head, but confirmed such should be done in consultation with the people.

He further denied that a secret letter was written to the Minister from them, telling him whom to appoint.
Efforts to get the Minister proved completely futile.


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