Koroma Tagged Africa’s Dictator

Lawyers of elected vice president Sam Sumana have compared president Koroma to number of popular dictators in Africa.

Lawyers Femi Falana (a senior advocate of Nigeria) and Dr. Raymond Atuguba made this statement in a press release on recent political development in Sierra Leone Wednesday 13 December 2017.

The two of kind legal practitioners said however that “recent changes by President Koroma in the security sector after the ECOWAS judgment affect the security set-up just as campaigning for the 2018 Presidential Elections – in which the Honourable Alhaji Sam-Sumana is a viable candidate – is intensifying.”

“In the wake of his full emersion into the Presidential race, the Government released another statement indicating that in addition to appointing a new Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, other appointments would be made that affect the Cabinet, including a number of Cabinet appointments which will have further security implications within the Republic of Sierra Leone. In particular, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma appointed a new Minister of Internal Affairs, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, and a new Minister of Information and Communications.

The President also appointed a new Minister of Defence,” the lawyers continued.

They expressed concern over the recent action of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice to take two bills to parliament to amend the section in the constitution which states that one must have 55% before being elected as President to 50+1^% as one that violates ECOWAS Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance.

They added that it would appear that the current Government is determined to consolidate and maintain power at all cost, as evidenced by their current actions and by reports from June of 2016 that a secret plan had been discovered which sought to amend the qualifications for the presidential candidacy as stipulated in Section 41 of 1991 Constitution in order to exclude certain individuals from contesting the presidential election in 2018.

“The attempted amendments are reminiscent of the recent efforts by Burkina Faso’s Blaise Compaore and The Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh to alter the electoral rules to favour themselves,” they maintained.

That the Government of the Republic of Serra Leone should do well to abide by the international and democratic principles of freedom, justice and good governance; the Government must respect the decision of Courts where it falls under their jurisdiction; and should also be guided by its agreements under international law to ensure that every accession to power must be made through free, fair and transparent elections.

5 thoughts on “Koroma Tagged Africa’s Dictator

  • December 20, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Ernest koroma and his gangs of Senseless Thieves and irresponsible
    incompetent,10year rule in Sadlone most be held responsible (JUSTICE TO THE PEOPLE) for the country’s shameful social political economy subterranean APES life. That Justice will surely come to pass if sadlone is a blessed land. If sadlone is Cursed as it is truly belief, then There would be NO JUSTICE- THE LAND IS A CURSEDLAND.

    The idea that this SHAMELESS, MINDLESS AND SENSELESSLY UNPATRIOTIC SALONE APE-MAN Assernest koroma, is still the ”foolish HEAD of the APE’s apc party” is really mind boggles at the spectacle.

    Is there going to be, after the ELECTION, SAY the APES wins the presidential election, the leader of the party and on the other hand the president who is not head of it’s own ruling party!?…

    The HOPELESS AND UGLY SHAMELESS APE-MAN ASSERNEST KOROMA wants to hang on poorwer (POWER) by all means. Sad. Because who ever is going to be in poorwer will want to ”bring to JUSTICES for GROSS incompetents in government on all institutional both public and private level of that SAD LAND CALL SADLONE, SHAMELESS CORRUPTION OF THE NATIONAL RESOURCES ON A LEVEL NEVER SEEN BEFORE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE, AND CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY FOR THE KIND OF LIFE LIVED BY 95% OF A CURSED POPULATION.

    Is so MUCH SAD TO SEE This APE-HUMANOID assernest koroma, taking his citizens as complete inarticulate and Brainless Beasts of ape humanoids that he himself is. Sad. Is plain for the whole world to see him picking up the APE he want to replace him. Sad. The DUMBEST KALOKO/LIMDA/TENMINEE-APE one would wish never lived. such is the mind-set of an ape-humanoid that Sadlone is BLESSED WITH.

    Tell me Lord!?… how and under what low, low lower of all low are SADLONE both inside and outside of the country intellects, thought controllers, intelligential of all sectors across the length and width of that cursed land we have in the PERSONALITY OF:-

    Do Sadlone have any more humans left as the best, brightest and finest minds!?…

    The Answer is sadly NO.

    limba, tenminee, loko, koranko, yuroba (CREOLE) god have PITY SAD. in the POEPLE of:

    yayah kaloko, joseph kamara, ernest koroma, paolow conteh, pat sowe, samura kamara, kab kanu, thompson ojuju olaju titus mad-son, oswald/Osmond oluju hanciles, tony bee and on and on never ending shortage of the most terribly horrible devoid of any conscience of humanoids. Sad.

    titus thompson olujuju mad-son, kabs kanu, tony bee and oswald hanciles, Parade’s their physical and mental prowess in all but very novices and timidity of so called SADLONE HUMANOID INTELLECTUALS OF THE TIMES!?… SAD.

    Has the land totally lost in her own drunkenness, madness and in perpetual sinful glorification of themselves brought upon misery, suffering, hopelessness and appallingly despair on themselves and their so called bankrupt little souls leaderships.!?


  • May 5, 2018 at 3:30 pm

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