Former President Koroma has accepted responsibility for his APC party at the recently held presidential run-off elections on grounds of him being the Leader and Chairman of the party.

Koroma came clean whilst speaking to hundreds of party loyalists during his return to his home district Makeni city Friday 18th, where incidentally he will be spending retirement as country’s ex-president.

He said he truly understands the frustration of party members and supporters, who time countless, had accused him for APC’s defeat at the concluded presidential polls.

“When a party lost an election, people always look for scapegoats to blame. And if they hadn’t found one, they easily put it on the head of their leader, that’s what I now face,” Koroma said.

Continued: “I was not surprised that such verbal attacks were directed at him. I have laughed it out and had taken responsibility simply because I was and still the head of the party.”

He recounted accusations made against him by some APC supporters that he sold the party’s victory by signing a document with some foreigners for a regime change, a thing he strongly denied.

Koroma accepted responsibility for all that went wrong with the APC, and in his view, he said, “as Leader and Chairman of the APC, I should at all time ready to absorb the trash bin from party members, supporters and sympathizers.”

He registered his commitment to the APC by reassuring all and sundry that he is still a member, the Leader and Chairman too, adding nonetheless that he has stepped down from the presidency and not as a member of the party.

He said people are claiming that he will never return to his home town of Makeni, but maintained he could not have travelled out of Freetown without officially hand over power to his successor, which is why has not returned home ever since.

The former president reaffirmed he has returned to Makeni to enjoy his retirement, live with his people and would be travelling out of the district only to attend state and APC functions when his presence is required.

On the issue of his stewardship after 10 years of presidency, he said he will leave that for the historians to write, but denied ever holding any meeting with senior military officials in Makeni as was alleged.


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