Sierra Leone’s President Koroma last week abandons country’s national broadcaster – The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) – there by exposing the incompetence of the corporation.

Such, they say, came following his breaking of silence on his choosing of Samura Kamara as APC’s presidential candidate for the March 2018 elections, using a privately owned television station (AYV TV) than the SLBC as a national broadcaster.

Opinions are that the President’s granting of an interview with the AYV to explain why he selected Samura may not be unconnected to issues of incompetence on the part of the SLBC, those linking professionalism, geographic universality, universality of appeal, competition, vested interest, national identity, etc.

Or that the President may have chosen AYV for reasons completely secretive or for a rationale unquestionably premeditated concerns.

The SLBC, over the years, has had extraordinary moments spotlighting issues praise singing the government of the day- so to say the APC of President Koroma- than to the interest and taste of the wider public, whose taxpayers’ money is used to fund their operations as public service broadcaster.

Others say that the action of the President seems deliberate, and that he may have sadly pitched fence with the AYV as he gives out his message on what has compelled him handpicking Samura, an unknown political figure.

Samura Kamara served in the economic management of Sierra Leone for over three decades.
He was financial secretary and later Minister in the NPRC junta regime, mediated the purchase of a gun boat that never was and worth billions for the military.

He has caused the payment of billions of Leones to Wanza for the said gun boat some few years ago.
He had authorized duty waiver concessions worth hundreds of billions to number of institutions even as he serves as finance minister in the APC.

Samura also acted as financial secretary in the government of late President Kabbah- the SLPP.

Even though President Koroma told the AYV that he had handpicked Samura because he is the most experienced of 28 contenders, other schools of thoughts hold different views.

But as we investigate circumstances surrounding the appointment of Samura as presidential candidate of the ruling APC, we intend bring to light issues of governance disaster and mismanagement on his part, including his age and that of his wife, Betty Samura Kamara, who celebrated 71yrs on 15th October 2017.


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