KKY Will Make Okada Riders Prestigious

Co-chairperson of the KKY Movement Joseph Maada Kpulun has said that Dr. Kandeh Yumkella who is currently aspiring to contest the 2018 Presidential Election with National Grand Coalition’s flag, will make Commercial Bike ‘Okada’ Riders Prestigious Sierra Leoneans.

Kpulun was addressing a cross-section of Okada Riders in Bo, who are planning to soon declare for the National Grand Coalition with him.

Speaking further he said Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella was sent as Director of the United Nation Industrial Development Organization UNIDO West African Regional Bureau in Nigeria at a time when unemployment was rife in that country than most African countries, as a result of their population.

He said given his expertise as a professor of development from Michigan State University, he advised then government that the use of motorbikes for commercial transportation could be transformed into a principal wealth creation source, and as a result he said today Okada Riding is not just a formidable entrepreneurship model in Nigeria building millionaires but is being emulated by other developing countries including Sierra Leone.

He said Dr. Yumkella is currently in the race to become President because of his desire to replicate the contributions he has made in the development of other countries to Sierra Leone, his country of birth.

“KKY wants to provide the opportunities Youth of this country require to become entrepreneurs and employers” Kpulun said, adding that; it is why he has been promoting vocational and technical education since he returned fully to the country few months back.

He said scaling up middle income professions like Okada Riding to an advanced one will be a key priority area for KKY.

He said Okada Riding in others countries is formidable to a point one needs to have professional skills to become an Okada Rider.

He said this is unlike Sierra Leone where people hold their nose when seated behind an Okada Rider, saying they have awkward smell.

“Let’s face the fact here, how can a youngman smell sweet, when he cannot feed himself talk less of buying a good perfume?”. He said.

Kpulun emphasized that government has not made enough efforts to add value to Okada Riding.

He said all they do is to make them a key focus when designing an operation against lawlessness, instead of formulating policies and laws to regulate and protect Okada Riders.

He assured the riders that with Dr. Kandeh Yumkella as President, that will change.

He said this will be his way to appreciate the Okada Riding profession for reducing significantly the unemployment rate in the country.

He said as a way to show his commitment to doing that he chose to further his bid for the country’s presidency in a party with motorbike as it major symbol.

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