Kidnapped Sierra Leone High Commissioner Freed

Ibrahim Samura

Sierra Leone’s Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria, Retired Brigadier General Claude Nelson Williams recently kidnapped by unknown Nigerian gun totters (hustlers) has been released.

His freeing came after the office of the Sierra Leone President assuringly put out a press statement informing Sierra Leoneans that the Sierra Leone government was in constant touched with the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to have the Sierra Leone diplomat released by the unidentified kidnappers.

Nelson Williams is said to have returned to the Sierra Leone High Commission Office in Nigeria, but yet to speak to officials as to how he was taken hostage, where, treatment meted him and by whom, if only he was able to identify his captures.

At a press conference held at the Sierra Leone State House late in the evening yesterday, Information Minister Mohamed Bangura and the Sierra Leone Deputy Government Spokesman Abdulai Gbayraytay joyously announced the safe release of the Sierra Leone diplomat, but could not say a ransom of 44 million naira (some $150,000 in equivalent) allegedly demanded by the captures was paid.

“There hasn’t been any demand for a ransom payment by any person or group of persons to the Sierra Leone government for the release of Mr. Nelson Williams at all,” Information Minister Bangura said.

“This press briefing is held to merely officially inform those of you in the media about the release of our beloved diplomat Nelson Williams.”

But whether or not government intends set up an inquiry as to the kidnapping is but a question left unanswered by both the Information Minister, his cohort Abdulai Gbayraytay.

Public opinions are that circumstances leading to the kidnap needs certainly be investigated, measures put in place to forestall any of such in the future.



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