Vote buying and political bribery have become the order of the day in Sierra Leone even as desperate politicians manipulate crowd pulling in their bid winning votes at all cost.

Leader and Chairman of Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray recently was caught hands down in day light vote bribing.

A video clip previewed by NEW AGE’s investigators has shown Kamarainba distributing money to students of University of Makeni (UNIMAK) when he was invited for a public lecture.

Kamarainba was invited to talk on governance plans should he be elected the next president of Sierra Leone.
Similar distribution of moneys to youth lately caused mayhem in Freetown when the ruling APC party came out last Friday.

This was so when gang groups were observed in a violent mode which resulted in the killing of one over the sharing of 200 Million Leones reportedly given them by the ruling APC.

Kamarainba denied distributing money to students for their votes, but admits giving money to them because there wasn’t food provided the students and that many of them may have come a long way to witness the lecture.

He added that he spent up to 12 Million Leones during the distribution of money to the students as transportation and food.

Observers say even if the money was given to students for transportation and food, it should not be Kamarainba who wanted to be the next President of Sierra Leone.

That if he wanted to have done such, it must have been in manner far more civil as the way it was seen in the video.

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