Kamarainba Demands Information on 709 Carats Diamond

By Alhaji Koroma

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, leader and flag-bearer of Sierra Leone’s most vocal opposition ADP, has told journalists at his party’s headquarters at Rowdon Street Freetown that there is silence over the discovered 709 carats in Kono this year.

He said that for the case of transparency and accountability, government ought to be updating citizens about every step they make in the sale of the diamond.

“It has been a while now that we have not had any information from government in relation to its sales.

We were told the public will be informed about the sale, but it appears as though government has gone completely quiet. We all know the Sierra Leonean public is concerned.

So, we demand that we be informed about the process,” he said.

In another story, the ADP leader spoke about the recently held by-election his party contested in ward 139 in Kambia.

He pointed out that even though they lost the election, he was happy that an independent candidate won.
He also denied being part of any coalition.

He added that nobody has ever called him for anything as “Alliance.”

“The issue of forming an alliance is a gradual process. You don’t just rush at it; it takes the ideas of different political leaders.

Anybody who goes to forming an alliance is just too desperate and must be disregarded by the people of Sierra Leone,” he asserted.

He averred that he would not betray the people of Sierra Leone as Mohamed Bangura did.

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