Just From Prison… Kamarainba Condemns APC Over University Forms

By Alhaji Koroma

Shortly after his released from jail, Leader/ Chairman Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray dubbed Salone Mandella condemned the astronomical increment of University of Sierra Leone’s application forms.

He said he will certainly not wait but make clear his position that the announced Le 500,000 cost for university application forms is but sorrowfully uncalled for of the ruling APC government.

The embolden and fortified ADP politician called on the government and of course the university to no doubt immediately reduce the cost of the form to the usual Le 250,000, more so that the country is in economic coma.

Kamarainba who yesterday was released after spending almost a week in incarceration said: “he will not be intimidated by any form of arrest and detention at all.”

“No amount of intimidation will prevent me from saying things exposing a corrupt system.”

Kamarainba, who was arrested, charged and discharged, later rearranged before Magistrate Samai at the Segwema court with one count of being in possession of a small arm without license, to wit a stun gun, has said however that he has resolved and considered current happenings in Sierra Leone as challenges to his course.

“Nothing will stop my efforts in my pursuit restoring political hygiene in Sierra Leone. The system is broken and I intend correct it, no matter the challenges,” Kamarainba asserts.

Meanwhile, members of the Alliance Democratic Party and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party have in press releases recently issued out condemned the arrests and detentions of the ADP leader and have both demanded for his immediate release.

However, excerpt of ADP release reads: “We condemn this act in the strongest possible terms.

“And as a political party we call on our members, other opposition parties, civil organization, journalists, national and international friends of Sierra Leone to view the latest court action as unjust and abuse of power.

The whole matter is politically motivated,” the press release continues.

“It is an act of political intimidation that will impede citizens’ participation, derail our peace and create unnecessary unrest among Sierra Leoneans.”

In the same vein, the SLPP considered charges levied against the ADP leader as one “politically motivated.”
They believe the rapport between the two parties is rested on one goal – to redeem Sierra Leone from an oppressive regime.

Of course, former Chairman/leader Sierra Leone Peoples Party, John O Benjamin, described such as a “political scheme by the ruling party to silence the opposition.”

“I consider it as one of their so- called 99 tactics to bring down Kamarainba,” JOB said.

Adding nonetheless that, “political victimization might have ended with Siaka Stevens’s regime, but de facto dictatorship still remains.”

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