John Sisay’s Manifesto Is Vague- NPD leader

By Alhaji Koroma

Leader National Progressive Democratic Party, Jesmed Suma, has referred to a manifesto recently put out by one of ruling APC flagbearer aspirants as being “vague and clouded of ambiguity.”

The NPD leader has made this statement on Facebook in reaction to anomalies observed.

He said John Sisay’s manifesto is not different from President Koroma’s “Agenda for Change and Agenda for Prosperity” concepts, which he argued have woefully failed.

He claimed also that the manifesto lacks specification. Adding that John Sisay has to be specific in pointing out that “a manifesto without specificity is a whitewash meant to deceive people.”

“A manifesto exists to explain policies political parties intend pursue in governance,” the NPD Leader stated.

“But if the institution through which the manifesto is to be implemented has a culture of kleptomaniac government led by deceits characters, whose past earnings are questionable, then the manifesto should be considered deceitful.”

He pointed out that “if the institution through which those policies are to be implemented has lost the trust and confidence of the people then the manifesto means nothing to the people.”

However, John Sisay on the 31st July, 2017, launched his manifesto at the New Brookfield’s Hotel in Freetown.

In his address, he said through his flagship organization of Join 4 Betteh Salone, he had developed eight policy pledges and messages as his key areas of interest if elected or selected as flagbearer.

The APC‘s flagbearer hopeful said among his eight pledges were “betteh education,” betteh opportunity for youth,” “betteh economy” and betteh health for all.”

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