JFK’s Appeal Gains Momentum

The greater part of APC grassroots supporters have had their attention on Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK) and are calling on President Koroma and APC’s National Advisory Council (NAC) select him to the throne.

JFK is Sierra Leone’s current Attorney General and Minister Justice and has served as anti corruption’s boss for number of successful years.

Some of the supporters believed JFK’s leadership quality is second to none, of course, one grading him as most competent to become Korom’s heir.

They claimed he has always been a man of the people and of the bulk of the grassroots.

Samuel Jackson, a resident of Krootown Road said: “JFK is helpful to the poor and has been a right activist fighting for justice for all.”

Samuel however pointed out how JFK has helped him have justice through the newly established legal aid board, an institution unrecognized by past governments over the years.

JFK, as a person, has proven that he is a man of the people and can best take over from Koroma because thousands of APC grassroots supporters have had timeless moments asking him declare his intention for the leadership of the party.

“I have served Sierra Leone right from the University up until the time I became a prosecutor at the Law Officers Department thus my transformation of the Justice Sector recently,” JFK said.

Many of JFK’s APC supporters are of the belief he is a spotless politician, with whom the party can dependably get a clean sweep winning in 2018.

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