Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK), Sierra Leone’s Attorney General and one time Anti-Corruption Chief will today (21st September) declares his intention for flagbearer of the ruling APC party.

JFK, as he is commonly called, yesterday told the NEW AGE that he will be declaring his intention for flagbearer of APC at a ceremony to be held at the APC party office in Freetown, which will host dignitaries including senior party officials, supporters and the media.

Being one of twelve persons showing interest in the leadership of the party, JFK, over the years, has had enduring moments consulting with highly regarded stakeholders of society on his bid for flagbearer and of course the next Sierra Leone president.

Prior to JFK’s appointment as Attorney General in December 2015, he has headed the Anti Corruption Commission where he succeeded in establishing a healthy anti corruption system.

He swiftly has lifted the Sierra Leone’s anti corruption profile from bottom position of 134 in 2010 to 119 in 2015 in the transparency international corruption perception index.

With over 26 years of experience in the bar, he graduated from Fourah Bay College in 1989 and has since earned himself wealth of experience as a promoter and defender of human rights, including rights to free speech, others.

He has lectured international criminal law and corporate and business law in Sierra Leone.

And in recent times, shortly after his appointment as Sierra Leone’s Attorney General, has worked untiringly to improve access to justice, thereby establishing the office of Legal Aid Board Sierra Leone.

He also championed the commissioning of improved salaries for judges, magistrates and law officers.

JFK’s bid for Flagbearer is said to have been greeted overwhelmingly by particularly the chain of command of the ruling APC.

Unlike his competing flagbearer challengers, opinions are that JFK best fits the alternative and will make for a good president should he be elected/selected the next APC presidential candidate.

JFK’s ceremonial pronouncement of his intention to run for APC’s flagbearer is likely to witness a hope of dependability for the APC in the 2018 general elections.


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