Executive of the Sierra Leone Football Association {SLFA} on Thursday 23rd March organized an extra ordinary congress at the Atlantic Hall, Siaka Steven Stadium, Brookfields, Freetown.

The above congress was the second congress after the failed Makeni Congress.

For the three and more years she has been in power, the complains from the stakeholders was that she has failed to take them to congress and account to them what she has received during her tenure of office.

Because of this, the stakeholders decided they will not kick a ball until she takes them to congress.
The president of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma intervened and told the FA and the Stakeholders to drop their grievances and see that they start to play football in the country.

Addressing the congress, Johansen said everybody was saying she was not ready for peace to prevail in the game.
With this, she (President Isha Johansen) said in the congress that if the stakeholders want her to accept their lies just for peace.

“Do you want me to accept and drop the match fixing investigation just for peace or do you want me to allow you guys to eat the monies FIFA is sending to develop the game,” Isha provoked stakeholders.

She also tells them about her election into the CAF executive and what Sierra Leone will benefit.

At the end, she outlined the monies the FA has planned to pour into the various local leagues.

For the premier league she said the FA will allocate Le215, 100, 000, Division1 Le71,700,000, U-16 Female league 143, 400,000, the National Ladies Cup 286,800,000, National Youth U-17 for Boys 143, 000,000 and FIFA 11 for Health Campaign for schools 71,000,000.

After her statement, the stakeholders got annoyed and said that her (Isha Johansen) statements was no way for peace.

The Sports Minister Ahmed Khanou told her to apologize but she said if the stakeholders know they are not liars she is sorry.

After more appeal in the interest of peace Isha told the stakeholders’ chairman, Idrisa Talawalie that she was sorry.


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