In what looks like an unending corruption investigation by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), Isha Johansen, current Sierra Leone Football Association President has shockingly asked for second term- ‘More Time.’

Her affirmation to continue in office as President of SLFA has come following an interview with the BBC.

In the interview, she claimed that ‘four years is not enough for someone to complete his/her vision as the FA president, referencing the Ebola virus outbreak and infighting as oddities that affected her leadership over the years.

“I was able to achieve some good things. It unfortunate when you come to SLFA what comes to mind in my leadership is the battle, warring factions. I am really ashamed that these are the thoughts that come to mind when in actual fact we have been doing quite a lot,” Johansen lamented.

She explained that her arrest by the Anti Corruption Commission was unwarranted as she was not prepared then and will be unprepared in the future.

“If you got nothing to hide, why run? I have very strong belief and values. I am certainly not going to compromise those values simply because I either want to stay in position or go down fighting,” she admitted.

She stated that life is not all about winning, pointing out that life is about making a stance and paving the way.

“I am not under any illusion to make the change. I don’t have a problem having to undergo intimidation for what I believe in,” Isha added.

Football Analysts in Sierra Leone have said that Isha Johansen should have been the most successful President of the FA if not for her ego and dishonesty.

That there is no way she will be re-elected as President of the FA because she has long lost the trust and confidence of the delegates.

Meanwhile, Sanusi Bruski Kargbo, Chairman of East end Lions has expressed interest in the Presidency.


  • October 6, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Shame on her! We don’t believe any word, she used to lie too much! She is very talented and she did a lot for FA, but actually, she ruined the career because of dishonesty with her own hands. Don’t want to see her as a President for one more term.

  • October 9, 2017 at 8:44 am

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