ISA Group To Establish $ 60Million Poultry Farm

Integrated Solutions Africa (ISA) Group has disclosed that they are going to establish $ 60 Million Poultry Farm in Sierra Leone.

The farm which is going to be located between Rorinka and Rokala communities, Makari Gbanti chiefdom, Bombali District, north of Sierra Leone will be under the Agriculture Turnkey Projects (Agrotop).

ISA Group President, Raphael Israel during his familiarization visit to resident of that community on Thursday 23rd November 2017, thanked the people for their hospitality, patience, and hope.

He used the opportunity to thanked President Koroma for supporting and creating the enable environment for them to invest, together with his Minister of Agriculture Professor Monty Jones.

He said since February 2016 they have being trying to establish when they came with the idea to the Agriculture Minister which also got the blessing of President Koroma.

ISA Group President, Raphael Israel explained that at first, they were looking for sovereign guarantee of $ 60 million to cover the cost of the project but unfortunately, they could not get it.

“As ISA Group, we are determined to establish the project, we are trying and finding ways to raise the money without the need of sovereign guarantee.”

The ISA Group President disclosed that when the farm would have completed, Seven Hundred Thousand (700,000) poultry chicken will go for eggs and Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) chickens will go for meats.

The farm, he added will be a modern one with the latest technology as everything is going to be done through computers.

When it comes to operation in May 2018, the Agriculture Projects Agrotop – ISA will serve as independent producer of chickens in Sierra Leone which will end the country’s dependent on chickens.

The farm, ISA Group President, Raphael Israel said will not only serve Sierra Leone long chickens’ problem but will serve fresh products of meats and eggs.

He spoke about creating jobs for the women as he has lot of respect for them and the construction of school and health centre for both communities.

He disclosed further that they are going to employee over 2 thousand people and the product will also be extended to countries within the sub – region.

Section Chief Pa Alimany Kanu said he has been asking the minister of Agriculture whenever they meet about the

project, adding that; the Minister isalways raising their hope and aspiration about the project.

The Section Chief said he is the happiest person because the project will start soon and prayed for the company to
have all what they need to start the project, noting that; “the community is committed to the project.”

Town Chief, Pa Roke Kalokoh prayed for the success of the project.

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