Random perception survey has revealed people’s eagerness for the release of the recently concluded transition team investigation report on Ernest Koroma’s ten years of governance.

That a transition is an act and process of change evolving from one form of government to a radical form of government, which focuses on human rights, the rule of law and the empowerment of people to ensure their choices, voice and will is heard.

“How otherwise can we explain repentance, than by calling it a transition, from one to another in a given society? Where necessary, we could adduce other proof from the writings of Moses, of the humility of his God; but as most of our readers are in possession of them, numerous quotations might be deemed bigheaded, and so we need findings of the transition team put out now or never,” a Sierra Leonean who asked for his name not to be mentioned said.

New Age’s close sources say the transition report is, no doubt, derogatory of former President Koroma and others, who, until their party’s (APC) demised in the recently held general elections, were reportedly in extravagant spending of country’s resources at will.

The report, we are told, exposes how the government of Ernest Koroma was caught up in reckless revenue generation, having family members and persons close to the then President sadly profiting from huge tax concessions just like that.

Findings point to the fact that contracts worth billions was awarded to cronies of President Koroma for kick backs, the result of what has left the socio-economic of Sierra Leone in a bad and unstructured shape.

Our NEW AGE ace reporter was told that because the report is damning of the former president and cronies, there have been attempts having them negotiate ways whereby the report will not be made public but rather kept away from the public.

Revealing nonetheless is information of members of the transition team reportedly being compromised, put under pecuniary obligations by cronies of the past government to make them upset the smooth conduct of the process in bringing offenders to book.

These and others, we are told, are reasons to the omission of persons once ticked ministerial positions in the President Bio led administration.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leoneans have asked government pursue corrupt deals of the former government in the interest national development as have been in other countries the likes of Brazil, Eretria, etc.


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