Irony… Bumper Harvest… Begging For Chinese Rice

The Minister of Agriculture Prof Monty Jones has said that the government of Sierra Leone asked the Chinese government for rice due to the impact of the Ebola and the hunger period which is normally experienced during the period of July and August.

As a result, President Koroma and his Minister of Agriculture were delighted to receive over 6,000 tons of rice from the Chinese.

This donation comes at a time when the Minister of Agriculture has been boasting about bumper harvest in the country and how he has transformed the agricultural sector for the past one year.

Questions most people are now asking is whether there is indeed a bumper harvest in the country when the Minister and the President joyously received a gift from the People’s Republic of China.

It is widely believed that the Agriculture Minister has been shying from the truth about bumper yield in the country because if there was really any improvement in the agricultural sector that would have been seen by the availability of our local rice and other products in the market.

“…malnutrition is killing our children yet still these people are sheepishly talking about bumper harvest. Where is the bumper harvest?” Fatmata Sesay a parent asked resignedly.

Others have said that even the cost of the local produce in the market such as palm oil, pepper and onion will tell the minster that there has been no ‘bumper’ productivity to write home about.

The minister has however insisted that there has been increased yield in agricultural production ever since he became Minister of Agriculture.

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