INFO MINISTER: Margai’s Bag Carrier, Koroma’s Bag Bearer

Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, ADP’s inflexible opposition leader last Monday described ‘bag carrying’ nature of current Information Minister, Mohamed Bangura, as ‘childish’ and ‘dishonorable.’

He made this statement during a flaming radio discussion ‘Good Morning Salone’ programme in studios of one the country’s radio stations.

“Mohamed,” Kamarainba said, “aren’t the morals discussing issues of national concern.”

Furthered “didn’t you (Mohamed) say to me some time ago that you were a ‘bag carrier’ for Mr. Charles Francis Margai of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) party, but left him to become ‘bag bearer’ of President Koroma?”

It is true Mohamed was appointed as Information Minister in the President Koroma led APC government shortly after switching loyalty and allegiance to the APC party.
It is believed also that his appointment came owing to service rendered the President- as a bag carrier and mouthpiece.

Good number of opposition SLPP politicians likewise described him as a ‘political ventriloquist,’ who cleverly established the United Democratic Movement Party, but abandoned it to greedily join the ruling All People Congress Party.

Mohamed, who was chairman and leader of UDM party and alleged bag carrier, got his dreams answered when his name was included in the list of persons appointed as Ministers in the Koroma’s led APC government some few months ago.

Of course, and although his appointment resulted in Kamarainba writing a letter of protest to Parliament, questioning same, while also referencing section 56 (2) (b) of the Sierra Leone 1991 constitution to prove to Sierra Leoneans that the appointment was in violation of laws of the country, Mohamed found his way through and was until now the Minister in charge of Information and Communication.

However, Kamarainba’s recent naming of Mohamed as one time ‘bag carrier’ of both Charles Margai and President Koroma, has seen concerned Sierra Leoneans spark up debates at offices, bars and restaurants and at markets in the capital of Freetown.

Mohamed, on the other hand, heatedly reacted to the accusation of Kamarainba by also calling him an ‘immature’ politician.

They say he has also described Kamarainba as “a dirty shoe and jumbled garments would-be President.”

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